who I am?

BC Biel Consulting, Innovation for a better aging is a brand of Stephan Biel and its collaborators, with more than 25 years of extensive international experience in the health and social care services sector focused on person centered care (Companies / University / Hospital / Nursing Home / Home Care / R D I).

Stephan Biel works as on consultant and trainer of innovation in social gerontology, and person centered care.

Ability to organize and work with autonomy. Use of methodologies applied to the planning and control of projects. Flexibility to reach optimal solutions according to the needs and strategies of the tasks.

With initiative and commitment to the tasks of projects.

Ease of interpersonal relationship at all organizational levels. Qualification and ability to lead coordinate and motivate teams and high social competence. Motivation to expand and develop professional and personal knowledge and teamwork.

Creative and innovative, with a high sense of responsibility and clear orientation to the quality of service and customer care.

What does Biel Consulting do?

BC Biel Consulting offers strategic consultancy and trainings
that facilitates Innovation for better aging.

In order to fulfill my vision of offering high quality service and innovation in accordance with the requirements of the SILVER-profile, I collaborate with entities and professionals who bring added value. We understand consulting to be a holistic and integral service, offering solutions that are sustainable, sellable and market oriented.

  • Impulse sustainable and age friendly solutions:
    • Products and services that understand and satisfy current and future demand and expectations of new user profiles.
    • Facilitating and normalizing age friendly environments, to feel at home.
    • Business models that take advantage of the opportunities offered by demographic change and the growing and wealthy Silver Market that lead to the desired growth and the differentiation of competition.
  • I apply the necessary tools and contribute the insights obtained over more than 25 years of experience, 12 as the founding partner and manager of tioman & partners, acquired at an international level in the areas of health, social gerontology, ICT, quality, strategy, innovation and creativity.