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BC Biel Consulting

Biel Consulting has a long national and international professional trajectory and is born in the socio-sanitary area that facilitates the innovation for a better aging, taking into account the demographic change.

Demographic change has generated a global market called “Silver Market” that offers challenges and opportunities to meet a new profile of people who generate 50% of the world’s consumption, and only 7 to 10% of the marketing strategies are addressed to them.

Society is aging
The segment of the population over 50 years of age is the one with the highest growth worldwide and the prediction of life expectancy is also at an all-time high. In 1995 there were 70 million people in the EU, over 60, almost 20% of the total population. By 2020 this figure will rise to 25%. By 2020, life expectancy will be approximately 90 years. Between the 60s and 90s a new phase of active life will begin to emerge, for which there are no current concepts.

Important purchase potential
The Baby Boom generation accounts for almost half of the consumer spending on packaged goods and will control 70 percent of disposable income by 2020. People over 50 are more likely to say they have the ability to make a “major purchase, such as a car or household appliance or significant reform of their home.

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