Change your perspective with MAX, the modular age simulation suit. A trip into the future.


  • Change your perspective and feel how the people with disability perceive the world.


  • Strengthen your skills. Become in tuned to the needs and requirements of elderly people and employees.

Generate ideas

  • Get new ideas for your services, products and environments.

MAX *, the modular age simulator suit from Biel Consulting, allows you to feel, on your own skin, what it’s like to live with limitations and it gives you an opportunity to perceive the world through the eyes of people with restricted mobility.

Its design is based on 200 scientific studies of medicine, gerontology, sports sciences and psychology (Evidence Based Design).

MAX has obtained the best result among 5 checked suits.
This positive assessment of MAX is due to the fact that it is modular and takes into account the different evolutions of the aging process of each individual.


According to the University of Chemnitz (Germany), there is a high probability that a 35-year-old person wearing the MAX with a 60% restriction, will feel as a person aged from 70 to 80. Since aging is something so individual, it is not possible to link limitations to exact age, but it is very possible to simulate what it means to have certain life-changing limitations, and how they affect everyday life—regardless of their origin and age.

MAX, of Biel Consulting, aims to raise sensitization and empathy for people with limitations at different levels. Employees will not only better understand the needs of people, but will also be more sensitive in dealing with them and will improve their professional and interpersonal skills. It also teaches the importance of achieving and promoting an active and healthy aging life style and the importance of ergonomics. In addition, the use of the MAX suit serves to evaluate towards implement a person centered care model.


MAX services and areas of application

Person centered services

Sensitization of employees who are directly or indirectly in contact with personwith limitation, independently of the age (e.g., public administration, nursing homes, hospitals, private residences, industry):

  • Training and sensitization of the staff which offer services for elderly and disabled person.
  • Product testing, workshops for designers and manufacturers (e.g., new technology, furniture) and packaging (e.g., food products, medicine packaging).
  • Sensitization in commercial and urban areas (e.g. urbanistic planning, accessibility and public transportation …).
  • Development of products and packaging.

Labor/work flow

  • Sensitization of managers and employees.
  • Ergonomics Job analysis.

Other services

  • Analysis for the functional adaptation of housing.
  • Participation in events linked to the “Silver Market”.
  • R D I

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